NOHJ Secret Repair 3D Ampoule Modeling Pack [Collagen]

엔오에이치제이 시크릿 리페어 3D 앰플 모델링 팩 [콜라겐]

-Absorbs heat effectively from the skin to give cooling effect and it is more effective to sensitive skin. -The gel-type texture can spread softly and the ampoule modeling pack’s moisturizing ingredients are prevents from penetrating moisture and evaporation to maintain the moist during the use of product. -Powerful texture that adheres tightly to the face delivers the active ingredients evenly and can be removed without stimulus from the face.
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    volume 1제50g/2제5g
    weight 60g
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    NOHJ Secret Repair 3D Ampoule Modeling Pack [Collagen]

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